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Office of Global Analysis - Regions of Responsibility
International Production Assessment Division
Ronald Frantz Director 720-4056 4632
Tetrault, Robert Deputy Director 720-1071 4651
Johnson, Shelisa Administrative Assistant 720-1662 4630
Baker, William Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey 260-8109 4641
Crutchfield, James Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific Islands, COR 690-0135 4649
Jenkins, Justin Mexico, Central America, United States West, Lockup Coordinator, GIS Specialist 720-0419 4644
Lindeman, Mark FSU-12, Russia, Ukraine 690-0143 4649
McWilliams, Denise Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, South America (less Brazil) 720-0107 4647
Mita, Dath SIA Manager, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan 720-7339 4648
Purcell, Bryan EU, Europe, North Africa 690-0138 4645
Reynolds, Curt Sub-Saharan Africa, COR 690-0134 4611
Shean, Michael Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia 720-7366 4641
Trent, Arnella South Asia (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka) 720-0881 4643
McGaughey, Katie East US, Canada and Caribbean 720-9210 4644
Anulacion,Maria Brazil 720-6878 4643
The mailing address for all Gloal Crop Production and Crop Explorer inquiries:

U.S. Department of Agriculture
Foreign Agricultural Service
Office of Global Analysis
Attn. Director - IPAD/PECAD
1400 Independence Ave, SW - 4th Floor
Washington D.C. 20250
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