Ukraine: Early Spring Conditions for 2017/18 Winter Wheat.

(Apr 25, 2017)

In late March and early April, personnel from the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) conducted field travel in Ukraine. The team examined 2017/18 winter-crop conditions in key production territories, interviewed farm directors, agricultural officials, private commodity analysts, and visited a hybrid seed production facility. Winter crops were observed to be in generally good condition although spring development was slightly behind average due to late planting and delayed fall establishment.

Heat and Dryness Reduce Production Prospects for Australia Sorghum .

(Mar 30, 2017)

Australia is the ninth largest producer of sorghum in the world, but the second largest exporter. The main grain crops grown in Australia include wheat, canola, oats, pulses, sorghum and barley. Australian grain production occurs in both the summer and winter seasons. Winter crops include wheat, barley and canola. Summer crops include sorghum, cotton and sunflowers. The following pie chart depicts the contribution to the national production of major crops. The data source is Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES).

Cuba Rice: Satellite Imagery Monitors Irrigated Fields.

(Mar 28, 2017)

Rice is an important staple crop for Cuba. USDA estimates Cuba‘s 2016/17 milled rice production at 433,000 metric tons, up 10 percent from last year but down from the peak of 465,000 tons in 2003/04. Cuba’s main rice crop is planted in March and April and is harvested in November and December. While production is distributed relatively evenly across the country, the three main growing regions are Pinar del Rio, Sancti Spiritus, and Granma. Second-season rice is planted in December and January and harvested in June and July.

Guyana Rice: Production Drops with Problems in First Crop Rice.

(Mar 28, 2017)

USDA estimates Guyana’s 2016/17 rice production at 0.560 million metric tons (mmt), down 16 percent from last year’s record production. Both yield and area are estimated lower than last year. Yield is estimated at 4.79 tons per hectare, 13 percent lower than last year’s record. Area is lower by almost 4 percent from last year.

Mexico Corn: Adequate Reservoir Levels Benefitting Winter Corn.

(Mar 15, 2017)

USDA estimates Mexico’s 2016/17 corn production at a record 26.0 million metric tons, up slightly from last year’s record of 25.9 million tons. Harvested area is estimated at 7.5 million hectares, up 4 percent from last year. Yield is estimated at 3.47 tons per hectare, down 4 percent from last year’s record of 3.60 tons per hectare.

Pakistan Cotton Production Forecast to Recover from Last Season.

(Mar 01, 2017)

Pakistan cotton production for 2016/17 is forecast to rebound to 7.7 million 480-pound bales, an increase of 10 percent from last year. The increase is driven by an expected recovery in yield, which is estimated at 699 kilograms per hectare, up 28 percent from last year’s pest-ravaged crop. Harvested area, meanwhile, is estimated to drop by 14 percent to 2.4 million hectares. This year’s lower area is largely a reflection of the lower prices at planting for cotton relative to other crops, and to the discouraging returns last season. An increase in sugarcane area largely offset the decrease in cotton.