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 In The News 2017
Aug 24, 2017 Brazil Wheat Faces One Weather Challenge after Another
Aug 22, 2017 Russia Wheat: Evidence Points toward another Record Harvest
Aug 18, 2017 Crop Production in Greece and Italy
Aug 16, 2017 An Atypical Canadian Summer: Hot and Dry in the Prairies, Cool and Wet in the East
Aug 14, 2017 North Korea: Warning Signs of Drought for the Rice Crop
Aug 11, 2017 China: 2017/18 Cotton Production Outlook
Jun 21, 2017 Ukraine: Winter Wheat Conditions Deteriorate in Central and West but Remain Good in t
Jun 20, 2017 Madagascar Rice: Severe Drought Lowers Production
Jun 01, 2017 Northwest Africa: 2017/18 Crop Expectations Deteriorate Because of Unfavorable Spring
May 31, 2017 India: Estimated Wheat Harvest Reaches Record Level
Apr 25, 2017 Ukraine: Early Spring Conditions for 2017/18 Winter Wheat
Mar 30, 2017 Heat and Dryness Reduce Production Prospects for Australia Sorghum
Mar 28, 2017 Cuba Rice: Satellite Imagery Monitors Irrigated Fields
Mar 28, 2017 Guyana Rice: Production Drops with Problems in First Crop Rice
Mar 15, 2017 Mexico Corn: Adequate Reservoir Levels Benefitting Winter Corn
Mar 01, 2017 Pakistan Cotton Production Forecast to Recover from Last Season
Feb 24, 2017 IRAQ: Monitoring Lake Dahuk and the Mosul Dam with Satellite Radar
Feb 16, 2017 PHILIPPINES: Recent Typhoons Result in Limited Rice Losses
Feb 15, 2017 THAILAND: Rice Production Rebounds Following El Nino
Feb 01, 2017 India Peanuts: Persistent Dryness Impacting Planting of Rabi Crop
Jan 30, 2017 Ukraine: Sown Area and Early Prospects for 2017/18 Winter Crops
Jan 30, 2017 South Africa: Near Record Yields Expected for the 2016/17 Wheat Crop
Jan 27, 2017 Haiti: Hurricane Matthew Causes Minimal Damage to Second Rice Crop